Porn Movies : Girls Will Be Girls

Goddess Starla's New Games: Now fully equipped in her new dungeon, Goddess Starla give the suspension bar a test drive by chaining her favorite sub, Ava to it. Securely restrained and ready for agony and pleasure, Ava gets put through the paces and then Goddess Starla gives her the reward of some intense pussy play, bringing Ava to a mind-boggling orgasm to end the session.The Agency: Shrouded in secrecy, The Agency is the most powerful counter-intelligence group that never existed! Our subject has been recruited and now must survive the sadistic and grueling punishment of their training program. Does she have what it takes to be the next agent? Or will she succumb to the heartwrenching truth that is, The Agency!Double Trouble: A cold empty room. Two naked women. Two magic wands and a lot of determination and will power. Thatís what todayís story is all about; true power exchange.Patients?: Dr. Starla loves to toy and torment her patients. She loves to explore their bodies and watch them as their excitement grows. The more excited they become, the more excited our good Doctor becomes. But it's not until they beg for release that we see the true evil that is "Starla".

Starring: Ava, Mistress Irony, Goddess Starla