Porn Movies : Maledom 10

Wasteland (winner AVN Best BDSM/Fetish and XBiz Excellence in Alternative Erotica awards) produces some of the most cutting edge BDSM movies ever shot.Eye See You: Lilly breaths deeply in anticipation, as the masked man walks slowly and deliberately around her, like a spider sizing up its prey. She concentrates to understand him, as if her answers dictate his next move. Her breathing quickens with excitement. She is so exposed and completely helpless. She is at his mercy and can't wait to submit to him.I Like It When It Hurts: Lance just loves playing with Sadie. Her quick wit and love of a good punishment is a unique combination, and one that Lance truly appreciates. It's a little like the old cat and mouse game. Whenever Sadie sees an opportunity to get away with something, she gives it a try, much to Lance's amusement. But at the end of day, Sadie still gets exactly what she deserves, or is that desires.Silence Is Golden: She was attached to the pallet, unable to move, you could smell her excitement in the air. You could see her excitement, as her pussy glistens with moisture. A moan escapes her lips, but it’s the only sounds you hear, until...Open Wide, Lilly: Wasteland favorites Lilly Ligotage and Eric X get down and dirty in this hot BDSM submission and punishment scene. Lilly is tied naked and spread eagle on a cold concrete floor, but Eric soon warms her up with a hot candle wax treatment, the pussy punishing “dick on a stick”, a hard pussy cropping, and a screaming orgasm thanks to his trusty tools.Blackthorne: Simon Blackthorne is back, and he has brought with him an Amazon goddess to play with. Simon was never one for convention, and today was no different. Jade tries to second guess him, to no avail. Her frustration and cockiness does not bode well for her and she ends up in quite the predicament.

Starring: Lilly Ligotage, Sadie Holmes, Master Simon Blackthorne, Lance Hart, Jade, Eric X