Porn Movies : On Location

In A Montreal Dungeon: Goddess Starla has a new dungeon in the kinky city of Montreal! To break it in, she brings in her favorite sex slave, Ava, for an amazing session which starts out with Ava in a cage being tormented with a crop and being used as a “drink holder” to add to the humiliation. After totally exhausting her poor little slave, she then lets her out of the cage and give her a resounding spanking and pussy pounding on the elegant fireplace.By The Fire: On a cold winter night, Lance decided to treat Sadie to a bit of bondage sex, but rather than in the cold, hard dungeon, to give her a little perk by having her bdsm session in the cozy and comfy sitting room in front of the fireplace. Once secured in the leather bolero straight jacket, Lance proceeds to give her a good cropping, flogging, a hard “dick-on-a-stick” fucking, and finishes her off with a highly compelled orgasm with a vibrator. Oh, there’s no place like home!Daylight Fantasies: We love Goddess Starla. She always knows the perfect mix of harsh punishment, loving attention and exquisite ecstasy. Ava is always the most willing submissive. Today is no exception. Goddess knows exactly how to play with Ava and brings her to a body shaking orgasm, again and again.Clean and Wet: Rich demands that his submissives be clean and wet before he fucks them. After flogging the lovely Vyxen clean, he says "IF you take it deep, I'll fuck you with it". She enthusiastically agrees and then submits to the hardest fucking she has ever had, dominated by her stern Master.

Starring: Goddess Starla, Sadie Holmes, Vyxen Steel, Lance Hart, Ava, Richie