Porn Movies : Wasteland Pleasures 2

Games People Play: Eric X has something new in mind, something unique and tantalizing and Lilly is the perfect victim for his plan. A plan that will of course end in exquisite pleasure for both of them. Eric loves to play trust games as it pushes Lilly’s boundaries. Can she give herself to him, to trust him unconditional and reap the reward? Watch and find out!Are You Ready?: Securely attached to a large wooden bondage chair, Vxyen is left completely at the mercy of her Master. She giggles nervously, as he asks her if she's ready? She's so wet…she wants him, but try as she might she is unable to control the situation in her vulnerable state. Feeling helpless she has no other choice but to succumb to her Master.More Screams from the Bondage Bench: Young Madeline Blue has become curious enough about bondage and kinky sex, she finally asks her partner to give her her very first BDSM experience. After trying out some hot wax, which gets a VERY loud reaction, he moves on to some light cropping and then following a blowjob/handjob in wrist cuffs, he rewards her with a good old fashioned fuck while she is bound to the bench. Note: This is a true story! Madeline and Gee are a real life couple and this actually WAS her first BDSM experience that Wasteland was lucky enough to capture on film for your enjoyment.What’s All The Fuss About? Today's lessons are about sensation and obedience. The sensation of numerous implements hitting Jades taut body. Her skin ripples with every strike, turning a beautiful shade of red. Whimpers escape from her lips. She casts her eye's downward. Yet her excitement builds, she feels the moisture between her legs. "Make yourself cum", her Master demands, and she willingly obliges.

Starring: Jade, Lilly Ligotage, Vyxen Steel, Madeline Blue, Gee (m), Richie, Eric X, Master Simon Blackthorne