Porn Movies : Seven Minutes In Heaven 4

Seven minutes in heaven is a completely unscripted project starring seven hot queers meeting up for a day of self-conceptualized porn sex, with no pre-determined outcome. The gaze of the camera is intimate, but never all-knowing. This film relies on the fluidity and chemistry of it’s incredible cast, and our ability as camera people to support them.The party starts off with a game of spin the bottle that seduces everyone into a legitimate make out pile. Chelsea and Emerald wrestle and squirt, Q Tip leads a blowjob circle jerk with Drew in the middle. Cinnamon and Chelsea team up to fuck the bratty attitude out of a squirmy submissive Emerald at their mercy. Charlie lets Chelsea spank him until he bleeds. Drew “teaches” Joey how to suck strap-on cock before fisting them until they squirt, and then later makes Q Tip fill the entire house with orgasmic screams. The film has countless variations of the implacable cast.

Starring: Cinnamon Maxxine, Emerald X File, Joey Minx, Q Tip, Charlie Spats, Ania Kinski, Nora Luxia, Drew De Veaux, Chelsea Poe