Porn Movies : Sex POV 11

Jessica Ryan - See, I told you he was a little man. Look at him sitting there in the corner exactly where I told him to watch you split me open with that monster cock of yours. Oh don't worry, all he will do is sit and watch. He is what is called a cuckold. It will probably make his pathetic penis rock hard to watch my pussy get stretched out from your big dick.Mia Austin - I don't know what came over me to make me stick your wife's necklace in my pocket like I did. I like my job cleaning houses and your house is so nice to work in. What could I possibly do to convince you that I won't ever try to take something that doesn't belong to me? I am open to do anything you say.Paisley Parker - Your brother's step daughter has always been flirtatious with you ever since she graduated school and thinks going to college means one is grown up. Here she is asking advice about your experience at the same college she has applied to. It's hard to ignore her sweet smile and obvious desire of you. So what do you do? Ignore the fact that your brother would have your head if you did anything with his step daughter, or go for it and enjoy all that this new adult is offering?Tracey Sweet - I am so upset I need someone to talk to. I can talk to you right? That's what makes you such a good step-daddy. Rumor at school is that I am a cock tease. I can't sleep at night because I don't know how to prove them wrong. You don't think of me as a cock tease do you daddy? You aren't one of my boyfriends but can I show you that I am truly not a cock tease?

Starring: Jessica Ryan, Tracey Sweet, Mia Austin, Paisley Parker