Porn Movies : Babysitter Diaries 18

Manuel wants to hire Goldie to babysit for him, but she wonít reveal why she got fired from her last job. It doesnít take long for Manuel to figure out why! Kurt calls Alessandra over to help him calm down his crying baby. After it gets put to bed, Kurt confesses how hot he finds Alessandra, and it takes off from there. Lizzie is a crappy babysitter who would rather listen to music than pay attention to Tommyís son. He threatens to fire her, but she makes it up to him. James hires Emma to watch over him while he attempts to work on a big project because he gets distracted easily. Unfortunately, that doesnít last long as Emma canít resist his awkward charm.

Starring: Lizzie Bell, Manuel Ferrara, Kurt Lockwood, Goldie, James Deen, Tommy Pistol, Alessandra Noir, Emma Ryder